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About Us

Our Mission is simple.

Do good.

Wear well.

Started by a husband and wife team from Colorado, our vision was to spend our lives giving to others. Since then we've worked on volunteer projects in Haiti, the Andes, Honduras, Canada and all over the US - all volunteering.

That's the 'Do Good' part.

Wearing well was born out of our philosophy to invest in clothes, souvenirs, gadgets and make us happy - NOT just to accumulate.

That's what we call 'Wearing Well'.

So we set out to find the best offers from trusted manufacturers around the world and USA who have products people love.

Then we negotiate to get the best possible price, add a small markup to cover expenses, and ship it out to you.

When you shop at Rockaberry, you can be assured we've gone through the best pricing negotiations to get you the products you want for a price you can afford.

That's the Rockaberry way ;-)